Thursday, 10 May 2012

WELL! Exciting news all around.

First: my supervisor tracked down my prodigal committee member after I mentioned it had been about six weeks since I sent the stupid thesis out (he eventually called her department chair to ensure she was still alive). Once back in touch, she turned around my thesis in a week and gave me excellent comments. To be honest, neither committee member had much bad to say and there were just a few major comments to address. This is a huge relief - when people don't give me feedback, I tend to assume it's because they're ignoring me again/didn't actually read the thing. But no, she clearly read it (lots of minor nitpicks of typos) - she just thought it was good!


So, got the comments back Tuesday, been working like crazy since then, will have draft to supervisor tonight, getting Steph and Del to nitpick stupid details for me (spelling, grammar, format) over the weekend, and - hopefully off to the external by next Tuesday.

So second: just got this email from supervisor:

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a tentative date/time for Anne's final examination:
- June 20, 1-4:30pm.

The grad secretary will likely be in touch again before long with official confirmation, but thought you might like some advance warning in case it's helpful for managing schedules.


Summer solstice!

This HAS to be a good omen, right?

So this is my next two months:

May 15- thesis sent to external and whoever the heck else
May 23 - Edmonton, woo hoo!
May 25 - wedding fun-ness
May 30 - back to Guelph, back to work, get some freaking papers submitted (there are two right now basically lying on peoples' desks waiting for feedback)
June 7-10 - CSBBCS conference, Kingston (giving a talk)
Sometime in June probably: MRI of knee to figure out what is going on once and for all (physio says what we are doing is not helping and she needs to know what is going on via imaging).
June 20, 1pm - let's not think about that
June 20, 6pm - PARTYYYYYYYYY
June 25-29 - Escape from Guelph, portaging trip in Algonquin!
end of June: pack stuff, move stuff, give stuff away, dispose of six tons of paper from work desk, etc etc
July ? - off to the unknown....