Monday, 18 February 2013

Win some/Lose some

Bah. My awesome gym headphones from Del seem to be broken. No TV today, so would have been a very boring cardio workout... if not for the tiny bespectacled Asian girl off in the corner, doing a full-on hip-popping Gangnam Style quietly by herself. It was incredible. She did this for about 20 minutes and then went off to do some weights. Made my day...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Well that sucks. Steph tells me that my former housemate Marc died. I guess he ended up marrying Constanza after all the drama of the year I lived with him. Man, that was ten years ago! I remember specifically that he was 32 that year, and I have to say I would NEVER have guessed where we would both end up ten years later. (Apparently he was pretty up in the hierarchy at Grant Mac). He was a great housemate and taught me a ton about music, cooking and graphic design. Sad news...

Friday, 8 February 2013

Mad Scientist

Sounds like I have been added to the Autism group's HIC (ethics thingy). I guess this makes me an evil autism research so decried by certain Facebook "friends"! Bwah-ha-ha-ha. Not sure if I will be working with them - think it might just be my supervisor's way of making sure people know who I am - but should be interesting nonetheless.

In other news, there is a giant blizzard on. I sat on my bed and watched the snow for as long as there was light. It was gorgeous. Work cleared out around noon, but I stayed till 4pm or so because I was having a perversely productive day. Not sure why stupid brain always waits until times such as these to find some focus, but I wasn't going to waste it. It's been a struggle this month so I will take the rare bits of productivity where I can get them.

Also, Del is definitely in the running for fiance of the year, as he has ordered me the yarn I need to finish my cape! Very exciting. I shall be crocheting up a storm for as long as the storm lasts....

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

House Update

Took some pictures of my new furniture (and some old furniture lugged down from Ontario!) in its current setup.
Here's the place when I moved in:

Here's the updated version!

We have the bed (thanks Tim), two chairs my supervisor did not have space for in the lab so shuffled onto me, a lamp from Freecycle, a shelf made of boxes and duct tape, a lamp that was a housewarming gift from Sandeep and Christine, a small table from Craigslist, and the only Rubbermaid that I managed to haul from Ontario subbing in as table #2. And of course the futon, lovingly stuffed into a small car and dragged down from Ontario as well.  I also have a shelf from the discard pile at work and a seen-better-days kitchen-ish table from Freecycle and a shelf made of milk crates (not pictured).

At some point I plan to invite Stephanie from work over, as she has a stepladder, a tall and helpful husband and an uncanny ability to hang pictures straight. Thus will the curtains be hung and hopefully some pictures as well. Exciting! I will be sure to update.