Friday, 8 February 2013

Mad Scientist

Sounds like I have been added to the Autism group's HIC (ethics thingy). I guess this makes me an evil autism research so decried by certain Facebook "friends"! Bwah-ha-ha-ha. Not sure if I will be working with them - think it might just be my supervisor's way of making sure people know who I am - but should be interesting nonetheless.

In other news, there is a giant blizzard on. I sat on my bed and watched the snow for as long as there was light. It was gorgeous. Work cleared out around noon, but I stayed till 4pm or so because I was having a perversely productive day. Not sure why stupid brain always waits until times such as these to find some focus, but I wasn't going to waste it. It's been a struggle this month so I will take the rare bits of productivity where I can get them.

Also, Del is definitely in the running for fiance of the year, as he has ordered me the yarn I need to finish my cape! Very exciting. I shall be crocheting up a storm for as long as the storm lasts....

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