Tuesday, 5 February 2013

House Update

Took some pictures of my new furniture (and some old furniture lugged down from Ontario!) in its current setup.
Here's the place when I moved in:

Here's the updated version!

We have the bed (thanks Tim), two chairs my supervisor did not have space for in the lab so shuffled onto me, a lamp from Freecycle, a shelf made of boxes and duct tape, a lamp that was a housewarming gift from Sandeep and Christine, a small table from Craigslist, and the only Rubbermaid that I managed to haul from Ontario subbing in as table #2. And of course the futon, lovingly stuffed into a small car and dragged down from Ontario as well.  I also have a shelf from the discard pile at work and a seen-better-days kitchen-ish table from Freecycle and a shelf made of milk crates (not pictured).

At some point I plan to invite Stephanie from work over, as she has a stepladder, a tall and helpful husband and an uncanny ability to hang pictures straight. Thus will the curtains be hung and hopefully some pictures as well. Exciting! I will be sure to update.

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