Sunday, 11 August 2013

Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so blue

So I have been in super crazy anxiety mode for the last few weeks. Very unpleasant, and also ironic because I am anxious because I have so much to do and am not accomplishing much (relatively speaking), but the anxiety makes it really hard to actually do anything useful. Bah. Been avoiding everyone (except Del) in case they stress me out more and trying to go to the gym. This week was feeling a bit better but still way behind - not by any objective deadline, just in my own mind. Hence I am at the lab on a Sunday night trying to get some stuff finished. (So far, so good!)

Went to Boston this weekend with labmate Stephanie and her husband Justin. Feel like I should have stayed and worked, but this was long-planned and didn't want to ditch out (so did Friday and Sunday lab nights instead...) One major highlight was meeting up with former WISEST big sister Jennie. Man that was great. I haven't seen her in AGES but she hasn't changed at all. Still trying to big-sister me, too. She's a neuroscience role model hanging at MIT messing with mice genetics. She's also been in an EIGHT-YEAR long distance relationship while doing her post-doc, making my five years look fairly shoddy. Still playing hockey, still super hard-core in everything she does. That made me really happy - definitely need to try and get back up to Boston more often. (Jennie says she will sneak me into the good MIT talks if I want!)

Apart from that, went on a duck tour - we got one of the original WWII ones! - which was pretty awesome, especially the river bit. Then we went to visit Stephanie's mom in Marshfield, stayed over and hit up the beach in the morning. I slathered my top half with sunscreen but forgot to do my legs, with predictable results...

Anyway, fingers crossed I will get enough things done this week to calm my brain and also forestall any catastrophes. Going to Ontario on the weekend to see Sandeep and Christine, which is super exciting but also stressful to figure out how to get to Newark etc. Sandeep and I are trying to write a paper, so should be productive as well as fun.