Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Pumpkin Soup!

Here is a picture of the pumpkin soup-in-pumpkin, and one of the Kiwi dishing it out.

I have been asked for the recipe, and don't have one per se. However, I have muddled this together from the correspondence between the Kiwi and his sister regarding it:

Cut a lid in the top of the pumpkin, with your knife angled so the lid doesn’t fall in (like a Jack-o-lantern, with the stem as the handle). Scoop out the insides.

Fry some onion and garlic and throw it in the pumpkin. Add salt and coconut cream. Fill with boiling water and add some red lentils and nutmeg.

Put in a shallow oven-proof dish and bake at 350F for about an hour. Keep checking to see if it looks done. When it looks finished, mix up and scoop some of the pumpkin into the soup (being careful not to pierce the pumpkin-bowl or make it collapse!)

The Kiwi’s sister Rosalie says she sometimes makes one of these for each guest in a small pumpkin, but the Kiwi did one enormous pumpkin and it worked fine.

Here is a picture of the added-sugar-free banana split:

Think it looks pretty nice and dessert-ish! It's just a banana filled with pineapple, with coconut cream on the top.

And finally, since I'm posting photos, some Iron Age huts we came across on a walk near Holyhead (South Stack - it's a sort of bird sanctuary, and you can sit on the mountain and watch the boats to Dublin go out).

And this I just thought looked cool!


Stuffy said...

Two questions:

A)What is the Kiwi's name?

B) Do you not remove anything from the pumpkin before adding the rest of the soup ingredients? (ie. pumpkin gunk & seeds?)

Sounds like (a) good Thanksgiving(s).

Anne said...

A). Ian, which is partly how he got his nickname, as Kiwi Ian is fun to say. But he always looks disappointed when I don't introduce him as the Kiwi. He is a man who revels in nicknames.

B). "Scoop out insides" means get rid of all the gross seeds and crap before you start.

The more Thanksgivings the better, I say. Seems only fair, as we didn't get the long weekend!