Saturday, 10 January 2009

book spree

I went on a book-buying spree at Chapters today. THANK YOU, Grandma and Tim! So exciting to be able to actually buy stuff for once.

Also checked out the Farmers' Market, which seems to be a good one. Only problem is that Farmers' Markets make me nervous. Always so crowded and shovey, you can't really see the prices, everyone wants to TALK to you all the time... makes me very uncomfortable. Silly but true!

I tried buying some shampoo bars at Lush today too. They are expensive, but I was told by girls I did my Masters with that they last forever. Seems a weird concept but worth a try! Also apparently they travel really well, which makes sense. Definitely smaller and more compact than liquid shampoo.

Okay, off to read my new books...


GEOFF said...

Smaller and LESS compact the liquid shampoo must be big.

Anne said...

hmph. Edited. Obviously I was too excited about my books to proofread!

bethsivak said...

Your adventures in Guelph househunting are great fun to follow - happy you've found a good one w/what seems to be a nice landlady - glad you did not take the dirty cold one even for a month. your shopping at Chapters sounds productive - you're welcome
Is getting Phd sorted as exciting as househunting?

Allison said...

What books did you buy?

Anne said...

1. 100 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
2. I Was Told There'd Be Cake - Sloane Crosby (couldn't resist the title)
3. To Hell With All That - Caitlin Flanagan (I'm interested in what women decide to do with their lives).

and... erm... a People magazine. Because there are no awesomely trashy British Chat and Take a Break magazines here, so I have to go with slightly-less-trashy American ones.