Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Woke up on Monday with an extremely itchy ankle. By Tuesday it was hugely swollen and bright red and sore, with a little white scab on top. Del badgered me until I went to the doctor today, even though they are always dismissive and only ever tell me nothing's really wrong. Or if it is, they can't fix it. Anyway, the lady at the front desk wanted to give me a Friday appointment, but agreed to let me hang out in the waiting room, be seen by a nurse and maybe sent to a doctor if it was urgent.

So the nurse came along, took one look and went "WHOA! It's a good thing you came in when you did - that thing would be halfway up your leg by Friday!" eek! Anyway, so she sent me straight in to the doctor, who was lovely, and now I have an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic cream, so hopefully my leg won't fall off. Oh, and a talking-to from the nurse about going in to check if I'm still allergic to penicillin, and getting a medic alert bracelet if I am.

In other news, I learned to make quiche from scratch this week! Very exciting. I need to stop making them soon because it is probably sending my cholesterol levels through the roof, but SO GOOD!


Judith said...

You need to be careful, Todd is int he hospital with multiple infections.

Theresa said...

Did Del badger you from across the ocean? And what kind of infection was it? I didn't know you could grow out of a penicillin allergy.

Anne said...

He badgered me via Skype, when I showed him the infected site. I took a picture too, but didn't post it in case anyone has a sensitive stomach!

They took a swab to find out what the infection is. The doctor thinks staph, though. Dave the neighbour told me a story about a friend who got a staph infection on his elbow and ended up have to go to the hospital four times a day to get it drained. In the end they inserted a permanent IV for two weeks. YUCK.

I think her point was more if I AM allergic, I should prove it so I can get a bracelet.

What exactly is the matter with Todd? How did he get so many infections?

Judith said...

He has a staph infection, some kind of blood infection, and I can't remember the third. He has a high fever, and will be in the hospital until some time next week.

bethsivak said...

Staph infection is more dangerous that the Mexican flu, I think - knowing 2 people with staph & none with flu

lisaandrichard said...

My answer would have been to cut it off.
Actually, yes staph infections can be buggers-difficult and wiley to treat. As in MRSA, VRE resistant bacteria.