Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The dog ate it!

Two posts in one day (unheard of!) but this was too hilarious not to share...

So am TAing two courses this semester, and the one prof makes us mark six long answer questions from many hundred students, three times a semester (hence all the whining from me). Much as I might sigh about that, he is a great guy and this email totally made my day:

The return of exam two went well except for one thing: my dog ate three of
the exam booklets. I was in a hurry to leave on Thursday and left the exam
booklets near my front door. Tessa loves to eat paper and this was a golden
opportunity for her. Ten minutes later a number of the exams were spread
across my backyard and she was racing around in joyous frenzy with an exam
in her mouth! She completely destroyed one exam and damaged two others;
about five exams had mud on them. Fortunately, I had checked all of the
exams and was able to identify the students who wrote the damaged exams.
The students took the incident in good humor and I expect it will be the
only thing they remember about the course in a few years.


lisaandrichard said...

So, how were they marked? Dd the students all get A's?

Anne said...

They had already been marked and entered... he likes to look them over before handing them back.

Theresa said...

Teacher: The dog ate your homework.

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