Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Got my paper in! Only four-ish days after we were aiming for. Not bad considering. Fingers crossed for kind reviewers! I could use a little CV boost...

In other news my brain is in lockdown mode. I've got this weird hyperfocus on work stuff going on right now (which is quite useful for getting things done) but everything else is falling by the wayside because in true focus-of-attention style, it doesn't exist for me right now. (Also I've been having trouble with time lately, where I keep getting confused about how much time has passed... days seem weeks long but the month is racing by). I assume most of this is a byproduct of the weird situation I find myself in. Hopefully I don't drop too many balls while trying to get through. It's really odd how everything seems out of focus except my immediate work goals though.

In other news, off to Kingston tomorrow to a conference. I hear it's a nice town and the food is great. The postdoc has friends for us to crash with and some sort of master plan involving a beach, so that is exciting. A bit nervous about the talk, but it's a really cool project (an internship project and an Honours thesis that sort of interlock theoretically, both supervised by me) so it will be fun to disseminate it.

Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow morning and I haven't packed... argh, better get on that.

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