Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Medical Library

Started my new gig on Monday (and the backstory to that is a whole other long story...) We will be looking at data from kids with Tourettes, so I figured I better do some background reading so I know what to expect/what everyone is talking about.

So, I went to the medical library and got my little slip of paper with the Dewey number on it and asked the lady at the desk where the book would be. Her eyes got wide and she said, "Oooh, I'm really not supposed to let you down there, but I suppose you can get your book if you're really careful."

Which was a first for me in terms of conversations with librarians.

So here was the route to the books on Tourettes:

Down the stairs

Past the grinning skeleton

Past the room full of brains in jars

Through the darkened room of empty shelves lit by a ghostly glow

Through the Do Not Enter tape

And into the creepy little room of flickering lights.

That said, the book was exactly where the Dewey number said it would be!

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Judith said...

Your journey seems appropriate with Halloween almost here.