Friday, 13 March 2009

Intrepid Explorer

It is so gorgeous and sunny out! (Alberta, eat your heart out). I almost like Guelph when it is like this. I missed my bus this morning, so I finally went exploring in my back yard. And yes, exploring is what it is. It is HUGE! It is also full of random buildings, at least six of 'em. Sheds and greenhouses and garages, it would appear. Also, there is some sort of vineyard (?) or at least a bunch of vines growing on poles. I cannot ID them. Mom, you have to come check this out! There is also a BBQ/firepit type thing and a lot of random stuff. And a clothesline I didn't notice when the snow was three feet high. I would like to do a bit of a garden but am not sure where - maybe among the vines? Anyway, the ground is still frozen so I guess I have a while.

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Theresa said...

I am jealous. I can't even remember what I have in my flower beds any more.