Sunday, 8 March 2009

other stuff about Guelph

There is a Dutch store in Guelph! Full-on, two whole aisles of dropjes and chocolate sandwich sprinkles kind of thing. (I still don't know what is up with that - sandwiches made of chocolate sprinkles and loads of cheese, and I don't think I saw a single obese person in the Netherlands). I guess it must be pretty Dutch around here. My landlady just married a guy who owns a honey business called Dutchman's Gold. (By the way, she is by far the best one I've ever had [except Judith, of course] - this is an old house and things keep breaking, and everytime I mention something that needs repair she has her husband in to fix it the next day. Except the dripping tap, but she did have a plumber in to look at it so I can't complain too hard).

Went to check out the Anglican church today. St. George's. It is GORGEOUS - proper full-on cathedral style. Built in 1873, according to the literature the church ladies pressed on me. It was a nice service too, mostly sung Morning Prayer with a choir. (Bit hard to follow, though - they kept switching books and didn't use the BAS). And then everyone sitting around me said it was nice to see me (? maybe I looked particularly good today!) and loads of people introduced themselves and invited me to coffee. Three of them offered me rides home. It was a bit overwhelming, in fact, so I got a bit freaked out and skipped the coffee - but after barely a soul talking to me for three months, it was a nice change. Looks to be your typical Anglican congregation, average age about 73, but they were all very sweet and I will definitely be back.


Theresa said...

Perhaps I will bring a suit and hat when we come to visit so I can go to church.

Anne said...

I was counting tweed suits during the service and wishing I hadn't given away the tweed blazers Grandma F's friend gave me in high school. You will fit right in.

lisaandrichard said...

Make sure the hat has a suitable feather on the side.
And sensible, yet fashionable, shoes