Thursday, 21 May 2015

Got another paper through - revise and resubmit! Life, eh? This is the paper I was working on so earnestly this time last year - just to have something to do with my brain/somewhere to go (and it's the reason I got a Bodeleian membership). All those afternoons sitting in the Radcliffe Camera or Duke Humphrey's -because if you have to do work somewhere it may as well be gorgeous - revising this paper. At the time it was hugely important to salvage something from that postdoc. Then I moved on and didn't care as much, and NOW it's been accepted (the reviews were unusually positive, and although there is a metric crap-ton of revisions, upon reflection 99% of them are one person re-wording things. Silly but totally doable!)

This is the paper on attention/motivation and parenting. It's about the neurological and hormonal changes that happen to your brain when you have a kid. Of particular relevance to me at the moment since basically my entire Bangor crew is sprogging this year. Busy frantically crocheting tiny adorable cardigans for Jo's little guy/girl at the moment. After that it's Roxy and then Aonghus and Olga (sent Thandiwe's little girl a blanket a few months ago). Whew. (Jo isn't finding out the sex in advance. I said that to Olga and she said, "But you can always tell from the scan!" No, Olga, only those of you with a Ph.D. in embroyology can tell from the scan! We mere mortals are able to be in total ignorance.)

Anyway, hanging out with Jo as much as possible at the moment, since as much as I know she wants to keep going out after the baby is born, there are those neurobiological brain changes to contend with... so we'll see.

Bank holiday this week - we have a wedding, a trip to London and with any luck a visit to an allotment (Jo has inherited a plot, but she is in a delicate condition and I have squash seeds to plant, so am going to hopefully borrow it for  the next year or so). Still incredibly happy with the flat (even though the hot water has gone again) and working on a million projects. All good...

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Theresa said...

So how was my brain changed by the parenting process?