Friday, 1 May 2015

May Morning

Happy May Morning! Dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn and met Delphine down on Cowley for 5.45 to see the singing on Magdalen Bridge at 6am. It was lovely, we got a not-too-shove-y spot, and the light on the tower was just gorgeous. Then we pushed our way across the bridge into town (what is WITH people who try to get bikes across in that kind of crowd?!) and watched some bands and some Morris dancers and some people dressed as trees. Good fun. I made a nerdy May-morning green-and-flowery crocheted scarf and fit right in!  

By 7am we were freezing, so back up Cowley for a nice breakfast and in to work by 8am. Am feeling very virtuous somehow. 

I really like May morning, even though it’s not really that exciting necessarily. I like that it’s been going on for hundreds of years, I like the ancient songs, and the people-watching is beyond compare (combination of hippies and people wearing bits of tree, ordinary Oxfordians who brought their kids and students who stayed out all night drinking). 

The downside is, I think I might be stuck in work late today working on a guide we are doing for Public Health England (due yesterday) so could be a loooooong day…

On the plus side, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and I get to see Mom & Dad on Sunday! They are stopping by briefly to collect some luggage on their way back through. Wish we had longer, but I imagine they are about ready to go home.

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